Friday, October 23, 2015


Wiggins Place is dedicated to bringing all types of programming to its' tenants.  This includes inter-generational programming which invites the tenants to bring their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to Wiggins Place events.  

On October 11th Wiggins Place hosted it's second annual Sunday Funday.  Cotton candy, popcorn, make your sundae bar and the one and only Outback Ray was here to entertain and educate children of all ages.  Our tenants and their family members along with staff proved very brave indeed as they touched hissing cockroaches, pet a desert tortoise and cuddled with a super soft chinchilla. It was really fun and we cannot wait for the 3rd annual Sunday Funday!

Art Glassman and Mickey Friedman look on as Outback Ray shows off his Hissing Cockroach

Ben Zide is not at all afraid of the hissing cockroach
Ida Kaufman and Joyce Ecker contemplate the wisdom of reaching out their hand

The crowd looks on as Outback Ray pulls out his next unusual animal

Lion Rabbit...

Lion Rabbit on Marjorie Kempner's head :)

Phil Sugerman pets a soft, cuddly Chinchilla

uh oh...snake!

Rita LeBlang is the bravest of the brave

Sylvia and Marty Wald get acquainted with the Lion Rabbit

Tony the Tortoise

Crocodile.  No one was allowed to touch it. Yikes!

Wiggins Place Welcomes the Israeli Force Singing Ensemble

Wiggins Place Tenants and Staff were so excited to welcome singers and musicians from the Israeli Ensemble.  These young men and women are so talented and sang so beautifully.

After their performance there was a meet and greet in the Wiggins Place Lobby where everyone who attended had the chance to meet these fine young people and thank them for coming.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Come è dolce - The Piazza at Menorah Park!

On August 10th at 2pm Menorah Park is celebrating the first passport free Piazza.

Come join us for wine, Gelato and entertainment such as various musical acts on our stage area and movies in the evening from 7-9pm.

Take a stress free trip to Italy right in the heart of Beachwood.

Benvenuto al Caffè Italiano

Wiggins Place Israeli Food Fair

Today we celebrated our first Israeli Food Fair. A little taste of Israel here in the Wiggins Place Activity Center, right in the heart of Beachwood, OH. The tenants enjoyed Israeli drinks including beer and tea, Israeli music and delicious, authentic food.  Can't wait for the next one!

Beverage table

Wiggins Place tenants clean their plates while Tracy Derschau, Dir of Life Enrichment (in background) gets a second round of drinks for everyone

Edith Smith excitedly waits to dig in

Enjoying the music

Perfectly plated

Menorah Park Scholar on Campus Presents Sarah Morrison, M.A.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Wiggins Place Tenants and staff enjoyed a wonderful program entitled Interdisciplinary Intersections: Cross -Disciplinary Collaborations in Dance presented by Sarah Morrison, M.A.

Sarah is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for Morrison Dance and behavioral research.  She is the recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for Interdisciplinary Arts.  She is the creator of 50 original dances and of the world's first modern dance performance to be broadcast, online.

The program this afternoon allowed the tenants to discover:
  • The history and power of interdisciplinary inspirations in dance.
  • Aspects of movement  as a creative medium for expressing the wonders of the mind
  • Appreciate demonstrations of how dance encourages cultural and artistic endeavors

Sarah Morrison will be at Menorah Park on May 21st at 7:30pm for a Community program entitled Moving Perceptions.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Perfect Wiggins Place Survey!

On December 31, 2014 the Ohio Department of Health made an unannounced visit to Wiggins Place for our Annual inspection.

For another year we received perfect results and were found in compliance.

In appreciation Nancy Sutula, Wiggins Place Administrator made the whole Wiggins Place staff waffles with all the toppings today!! So yummy!

Nancy Sutula, Wiggins Place Administrator, donned a hair net and made the best waffles this side of town!

Cheryl Isaacson, Wiggins Place Social Worker, acts as Sous Chef and stands by in case any help with the waffles is needed
Chris Mansour, Director of EVS, surveys the toppings table and ponders the really touch decision of what to put on his waffle

The toppings table...everything you could ever want...mmmmm

 Thank you Nancy Sutula for a lovely treat and thank you to all the Wiggins Place staff for another perfect survey.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wiggins Place ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On August 22nd the staff of Wiggins Place and brave, daring tenant Grace Ordin participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It was so much fun for a really great cause.

Wiggins Place Social Worker Cheryl Isaacson (l) and Wiggins Place Tenant Grace Ordin (r) pose before the ice challenge

Wiggins Place Tenants wait with bated breath

We did it!

After the ice challenge.  Everyone was a great sport

ALS is a devastating disease and one about which we are all still learning. Normally the ALS Association  receives $2 -$3 million in donations each year.  However, as of September 12, 2014 due to the Ice Challenge this summer the ALS Association has received $112.4 million in Ice Bucket Challenge donations!  Amazing!!!

Thank you to all who participated in the Wiggins Place ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 
Together we will find a cure!!